Thursday, August 6, 2009

Speaking of pizzas....

The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium will offer $60 pizzas

This article was changed within hours of the initial post listing the pizza price at $90. I imagine it happening something like this:

Jerry Jones, sitting behind his mammoth mahogany-burled desk, says, "Find out who leaked the price changes, and fire them. Find out who changed the prices, and fire them. Drop the entire menu prices back to Texas Stadium days - we'll give them Drew Pearson prices and we'll see who whines then."

I thought even $6o is outrageous, figuring that is was a pre-made "What Do You Want On Your Tombstone" type of deal. But an old Food & Beverage friend from Aramark (Legends will handle F&B at the new Stadium) said they hand-made the pizzas at the Texas Ranger's Ballpark, but said no hand tossing was involved...

It just proves that GOURMET PIZZA NIGHT at FRED'S is still the best deal going!


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