Thursday, October 8, 2009

The FWPL - Latest Funnies

In the autumn of 2005 I christened my FATTER, LOUDER, STUPIDER tour in an attempt to put my big butt into a RASCAL by the end of the year. I figured shutting off higher brain activity would somehow revert me to my primordial instinctual level and facilitate my acceptance into society at large. Well, my mimicry of Ricky from the TPB got me into some shenanigans and goings on, and now Denis Leary recounts his journey into The American Dream:

In this hilarious blast of scathing irreverence from an award-winning actor and comedian, Leary uses his common sense, and his biting take on the world, to attack the politically correct, the hypocritical, the obese, the thin--basically everyone who takes himself too seriously. Available as an audiobook as well.

Me of little faith by Lewis Black

Black skewers all beliefs through his dark tinted glasses. The AUDIOBOOK will save you the trouble of shouting it internally.


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