Sunday, October 18, 2009

We'll miss Luanne Platter.....

The Pappas Brothers have had to bite the bullet in this economic downturn and shutter some of their local stores.

We lost Luanne Platter as King of the Hill bade farewell this past season.

Now it looks like it'll be hard to find a LuAnn Platter as well for folks in Tarrant County.

Luanne Platter Quotations From King of the Hill

Luanne is Peggy's airheaded niece who lives with Hank and Peggy. Her name is a play on the "Lu Ann" platter at the real-life Texas-based restaurant chain Luby's.

  • Mama's in jail. She was savin' a quart of beer for before bed, and Daddy threw it out, and she went after him with a fork, and the trailer tipped over, and everything turned upside down, and it's all gonna be on Real Stories of the Highway Patrol.
  • (after Hank shows her a list of the 19 house rules)
    You know, Uncle Hank, God only has ten rules, and he has a much bigger house.
  • It is very important to always know your name. Here's a little trick I use to remember mine: I think of a man named Lu, and a woman named Anne. They meet in a kingdom in a forest - okay, maybe that's too complicated.
  • (after her beauty school exam)
    Well, I passed lather, but I failed rinse...and then I failed repeat, because it includes rinse, which I don't think is very fair!


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