Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

1. If you didn't get around to carving your own jack-o-lanterns this Halloween, then you can do so online. Check out this virtual pumpkin carver from

2. It's too late to mail a Halloween card, but it's not too late to send an e-card! Take a look at these Halloween e-cards from before it's too late.

3. Although this has nothing to do with tech, it's still extremely disgusting, and a great cake for this spooky holiday. Check out Instructables' Brain Cake.

4. Thanks to Popular Mechanics, you can spy on those hooligans coming to toilet-paper your house, or steal your Halloween decorations with this DIY pumpkin surveillance camera.

5. Spruce up your computer with a flashy Halloween desktop. (Via LifeHacker)

6. It might be a little too late for this year, but you can always get an early start for next Halloween: Check out the Pumpkin Pal Stake which lights up your jack-o-lantern by sticking the stake directly in the pumpkin.


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