Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tomorrow: Caden's Cure Mountain Bike Time Trial

From ColonelsBikes.com BLOG:

Yet again, Wed. night mountain bike racing dominates DFW!!! 6-2-2010 marked the beginning of June's points series. There will be several different contests this month to shake things up a little bit. Next weeks course will be different... I'm not telling just yet, but comparing previous times will not matter!! Also, Terry Chandler of Fred's Texas Cafe, has introduced a new contest into the mix: Predict your time. This means that each rider will have to predict his/her best time for the length of the event. There will be separate prizes for this event compliments of GWTT's premier sponsor, Fred's TEXAS!

Well, the thank you list: Terry & John Chandler for the great support/delicious food, Anna Clark-Huey, Gina, the Peddler, MBBC, Alex(course marshal), Colonel's Bikes(the e-z up was nice during the rain, and to all of the riders for helping make this as fun as possible. BTW, Tom's finger is ok. He called the shop yesterday to fill me in on his epic crash story and to let me know that he wasn't gonna sew me!!! yay!!

The Super Fast Loop at Gateway Park-Ft Worth Texas by God!
Wednesday evenings
Sign ups are at 5:30pm

RACE AT 6:30pm

Directions from I-30
Go North on Beach (From 121 go South)
Go past the entrance on Beach as this is not where the race is. (If coming from 121 don't worry 'bout it)
Turn East on 1st street
Turn South at the Gateway Park entrance
Turn Left on Valle Cir - Yer there

Actual address is 4328 E. 1st St. Ft. Worth Tx for those with fancy trackin machines(You actually dont have to type in "By God!" for it to work)

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