Friday, August 27, 2010

New Fried Craziness at The Texas State Fair

Fried Beer at The Texas State Fair


Ever since the inauguration five years ago of the Big Tex Choice Awards at the Texas State Fair, food vendors have been deep-frying the impossible in their pursuit of the Most Creative and Best Taste awards.

Nothing in the rules says the food has to be fried, but this is an event, after all, that carries the semi-official slogan: "Fried Food Capital of Texas."

Big Tex has given us the Deep Fried Latte, Texas Fried Cookie Dough, Fried Coke, and last year's Most Creative winner: Deep Fried Butter. That would seem to qualify the fair as the Fried Food Capital of the World.

This year's contestants have batter-dipped their way into whole new territory with two new concoctions: Fried Beer and the Deep Fried Frozen Margarita.
As the Dallas Morning News reports, the Fried Beer was the result of a painful process of trial and error for creator Mark Zamble. His initial efforts kept exploding once they hit the fryer, and he kept getting burned. Zamble has already applied for a patent and trademark for Fried Beer, which appears to be a pocket of pretzel dough filled with its signature beverage.

The Deep Fried Frozen Margarita is the brainchild of Jake Levy, who won the Most Creative award in 2007 for the Deep Fried Latte. As the Morning News describes it, the margarita "includes a funnel cake batter mixed with either tequila or tequila-flavored wine, dusted with margarita mix and served in a salt-rimmed plastic glass."

Judges will decide the winners over Labor Day weekend, and the winning creations will debut at the fair's opening on September 24.

Now we're just waiting for someone to tackle the ultimate deep-fried koan: Deep Fried Fryer Grease.


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