Friday, September 17, 2010

Announcing Outlaw Chef Brands

Announcing Outlaw Chef Brands

The Outlaw Chef, Terry Chandler, features his recent Central Market Cooking class - the


on his Facebook Outlaw Chef Brands page. Log In to Facebook to view:

Celebrate 15 years of Hatchmania with Central Market this year as a local favorite, Terry Chandler, goes up against a seasoned Hatch expert, Denise Shavandy. Each chef has been encouraged to bring his/her own style to the dishes while using minimal ingredients and quick preparation. Dishes will feature:

* Hatch Chiles & Chicken Thighs
* Hatch Chiles & Shrimp
* Hatch Chiles & Watermelon

Pick up lots of tips, enjoy lighthearted repartee and sample 6 dishes that feature everyone’s favorite chile.


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