Thursday, January 28, 2010

Growlers & Techie Talk

Ok, I've got my TRELLIX authentication handshake figured out and we're logged into the BBS featuring my stable of resources both obscene and divine - one Food & Beverage article from the NYTimes, ChatRoulette ( mentioned 1/9/10) makes media, and IPad howls (what, no FLASH - no CAM?!?)
— 64-ounce glass vessels that look like a moonshine jug — have become the beer accessory of the moment. And the jugs, filled at taps in bars and stores, are not just the toys of the bearded, flannel-shirt, beer-geek set.

Welcome to Chat Roulette. It's simple: The site pairs you with a random videochat partner. You can click "next" any time, or stay with your current pairing.

Then things start tripping into psychedelic performance-art territory. As a friend says, "It's the Internet. UNFILTERED." The big lure is basically seeing something strange--or doing something so strange that you blow your partner's mind.

You might see people in horrifying masks dancing around. Chinese users seem to love virtual high fives. One person's shtick is a puppet who makes like a caring psychotherapist and will sit with you for hours. A friend reports a man holding up a sign that said, "Assroll?"--and promptly rolling over backwards, naked. (Nudity is hard to avoid.)

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