Friday, March 19, 2010

ALDI hits FunkyTown

I hit the Grand Opening of the new ALDI Grocery on Wednesday in Fort Worth. The shop has a distinctly European feel, reminding me of the locations I used to shop in England. The grocery and produce are beautiful (it was the Grand Opening, after all) but in sharp contrast to the Big Box selections of chips and junk foods forming aisles in shipping boxes. The prices were reasonable, highlighted with some very good deals. New to Texas consumers may be the practices of renting your cart for 25 cents (refunded when returned) and the Bring Your Own Bag policy. Even more startling is the "NO Checks Or Credit Cards" policy. This chain is attempting to carve out its niche in North Texas, and has some formidable strengths:

Price - Man, who's not concerned about getting a good deal these days?
Good Website - Updated with Current & Upcoming Specials
Ease of Use - The limited selection may actually work in its favor by providing great value

Overall, I found the store to be a touch antiseptic - this coming from an admitted Fiesta & Carnival loyalist. While I shop those stores for their superb produce and rocking fish market, those stores both relish in their distinct character and feel. I also dig la musica piped in. ALDI's produce come pre-packaged, such as 20 oz of Roma Tomatoes and 8 oz. pepper portions (from River City Produce in San Antonio and Frontera Produce, respectively).

Fiesta smells and feels like a market, ALDI feels more like a drug store.

Store # 61
700 Alta Mere, White Settlement, TX
Roseland HOT Italian Sausage - 1.24 LB - $2.79
Whole Pineapple - .99
Jalapeno Peppers - .70/LB
Serrano Peppers - .98/LB
2% Milk - 1 Gal - $1.79
All Purpose Flour - 5 LB - $1.29
Roma Tomatoes - 20 oz - $1.29


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