Monday, May 31, 2010

Bryan, Texas - Martin's BBQ

So a recent trip down South with my parents afforded the opportunity to visit my namesake town, cruising the exact same streets they did back in 1956. After a quick look at the garage apartment in which I was conceived (hypothetically) to fully comprehend my white trash roots, it was decided to grab a little lunch. We stumbled upon Martin's BBQ about half a block down the street, replete with a Historical Marker commemorating the site. The full brunt of being in Aggieland struck home when reading the sign above the door handle:
Please Turn Doorknob Left to Open Door
Even the "NO SMOKING" signs were infused with years of BBQ smoke. The ribs rocked, the German potato salad was flawlessly executed, and the history of the place was overwhelmed by the quality of the food. How does a BBQ joint stay open for 85 years in Texas? By serving great food at a fair price!

Martin's Barbecue is the oldest continuously operated restaurant in Bryan, Texas according to owner Steve Kapchinskie. The land where the current building stands at South College and Sulphur Springs was purchased in December 1924 on what was then a one-lane country road connecting Bryan and College Station. This restaurant has survived the Great Depression, thousands of Texas A&M graduations and changing times. Some of the customers that Kapchinskie calls "the old timers" remember the days when horse-drawn wagons and Model T Fords parked side-by-side at Martin's. Bryan and College Station have changed, but one thing that has remained constant is the way the Kapchinskie family goes about making barbecue. Each Tuesday through Saturday at about 8 a.m., Kapchinskie, a third-generation barbecue expert, stokes the oak fired, 65-year-old pit that was built by his grandfather, then loads the cooking grates with ribs, brisket and sausage. In a few hours, the meat transforms into that tender barbeque that customers have been experiencing for 80 years.

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