Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top Chefs are Hitting the Streets

Street Food Finally Gains Street Cred: Typical Temporary F&B Hype or The Real Deal?

I've always sampled the street food in countries I visit: from fresh-roasted chili dusted chestnuts in Estonia, to paella carts on Gran Canaria, to the hot dog cart next to the tattoo stand right outside of Papagayo in Mexico (make sure to get the hot dog /w jalapenos and not the dirty needle tattoo). Well, it looks like the economy is making top chefs and large food congloerates consider street vending. Here is a Mother Jones Article describing such:

"This is ground zero for the commodification of street food," griped Edge as he sampled a glass of Don Olegario AlbariƱo. "It's nothing but a freaking marketing trope." Top restaurants were looking to spice up their menus, he explained, while food conglomerates wanted to figure out "how do you put this shit in a cup?"


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