Monday, August 16, 2010 - Fred's revs up the office lunch Fred's revs up the office lunch

Let’s say your office group has had it with dull deli box lunches. You can get through those boring lunch meetings around the conference table better now that Fred’s Texas Café comes to the rescue with Fred’s Express, a new catering/to-go option.

Fred’s, everybody’s favorite burger-and-beer place near West 7th, just opened this outfit that operates from a commercial kitchen two blocks from the legendary joint.

You can order quail seared on a grill and simmered in a salsa for $20 per person, green chili pork chops for $16 per person, a BBQ platter for $10 per person or a taco bar with three kinds of tacos (shredded chicken, chipotle pork, tomatillo beef) for $14 per person.

There’s a 10-person minimum per order and orders need to be placed 24 hours ahead. Fred’s will deliver the food to you and there’s a $25 delivery fee. Call ‘em up at 817-870-8866.


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